Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 quilts

A Year in Review

As the calendar pages are ready to turn, I tried to find all the quilting projects finished as well as those works in progress.

First big completion: a 100 inch square quilt for my daughter's birthday in January. 
Black and white backgrounds with diagonal black square down the center bordered by 2 colors.
She loved it; although it was a replacement for the previous one I made her that she spilled foundation on.

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Next followed a couple baby quilts I donated.  No pictures, just using up juvenile prints I had collected, but not used.

Finally finished this baby quilt for the little one born New Year's Eve. He was premature and didn't come home until end of February.   I also made matching curtains of the light aqua stripe.

For my son's new house, I had already made a quilt; so I made 2 20 inch pillows for their couch.

Then I finished a few smaller projects: 

They were projects that were mostly done, but needed binding.

I then worked on a project that i always had wanted to do and had seen a friend make. 

Then I finished this quilt that had been a block of the month. I used 30s fabrics with a blue emphasis.

Next  I made a a tree skirt for my brother who got married. 

For Christmas I made stockings for my kids and significant others/ family.

And the last project was a tree skirt:

Now, for the unfinished projects, works in progress, etc.  In others words things to finish this year

First off is a round robin I had participated in:  It was my first attempt at a feathered star, which turned out amazing given the instructions from Marsha McCloskey's book  as well as a lecture from Judy Hasheider. I have done quilting around the stars and setting borders for each row. Just need to add some cross hatching and accents to corners, and such.  I have some new tools, I want to use.

Over the summer I added to my stash of 30s and cut lots and lots of 1 and 1/4 inch strips for these heart blocks. The inspiration was online, but I modified it to be a 6 inch block. I finished 40 of them and will do a setting with lots of blank space to do some quilting with templates. This will need to be done for our guild's quilt show in April, the theme for which is 30s. 


I also started a Crabapple Hill pattern: Over the River and Through the Woods. 
It doesn't happen often that my spouse remarks on a pattern when he went to a quilt store;
It took several days to trace it carefully with a light box an back with a second layer of fabric.
This will take a long, long time to finish the embroidery before I attack the patchwork and put it together. 

This is all I have finished so far. I am using a fine Presencia pearl cotton in a rich brown. I plan to do the patchwork in fall colors.

I also have done a couple small embroidery squares to make a hexagon table topper with a charm pack by Sandy Gervais.

Lastly I have project that I found online by Temecula Quilt  Company in California.  Several summers ago, they had a small cake block which was 2 and a half inches.  

Here is the fuzzy picture of my almost layout.  It was once all ready to go and several diagonal seams had been sewed. But something else took precedence.

This is how the layout should look like, but only in gray and white.

Lastly my sister's wall hanging which needs to be done in 2 weeks when I see here. Belated Christmas with my siblings and spouses.

Assorted others   First a Christmas wall hanging. 3 inch 9 patches. 

2 donation quilts for babies 8 inch squares comprised of 1 inch strips. and the alternate ones are 1 inch pieces 8 per strip. This was fun to do with bright colors. 

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