Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hello!  Let me introduce myself:  Debbie.       Ta Dah!  …….Oh well, now that is over.

I am a former teacher turned learning assistant, mother, grandmother of 2 of the best little boys, wife, and more.  A Midwesterner, having lived in 3 of its states, with 4 lovely seasons of the year….sometimes it’s better to stay indoors and sew.

This is a blog about quilting intermixed with life; I have been reading blogs for a long, long, time and have absolutely loved getting wonderful ideas, patterns, recipes,  color choices, buying ideas and more. Reading about other quilters and their lives has helped me realize that I am “normal” in my journey of sewing with all the starts and stops, messes, and successes.  But I want to take the dive to sharing my ideas… mostly as a record of what I accomplish, but hopefully inspiration to others as well.

I am not great at diaries, journals, or whatever.  I have never been one to keep it up.  But I do keep at the quilting, and assorted other handwork projects and have done so for many decades. 

So “bear” with me as I hunker down in back room of my house, and show you my travels into my projects and travails of quilting and life.  

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  1. Good beginning! We all look forward to seeing your work and know what you mean about starts and stops. Blogging is a great way to show your progress to others, ask for help along the way, and to see what other great work people are doing. Welcome aboard!