Friday, February 24, 2017

First Flimsy!

PROGRESS!   I put the light border of my beige checkerboard on En Provence. Looks great!  It has been laid out on the floor for a few days, and I am really liking it.  But I am not adding the second light border. All it needs is a good press! Then for the finishing!

No progress!  I have not been successful on my UFO goal for February.  Not even a decision for which to complete.  I think that the donation quilt took up that time allotment. And I have made progress on that for additional blocks. 

More progress. My log cabin has the light border on it.  And I made 4 additional 9 patches for the ones that are somewhere to be found in my stash.  I have all my applique foundations cut out while in the car last weekend., and now, the green leaves are also cut. I even have the black borders cut for the applique.


  1. oo - Your En Provence is super pretty. Love your colors, and you're right - it looks great just like this.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your En Provence. I love your neutral colorway.

  3. I like your En Provance. And I love your applique leaves. Can't wait to see how that will be. I see your are a new blogger (I am pretty new also-just 9 months). I don't know if you are a no-reply blogger for privacy reasons. I know you left a comment on my blog but could not respond as you were no-reply. If you want to change this so other bloggers can reply to you, go to:

  4. Elegant version of En Provence! The checkerboard finally border is nice touch!