Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blockheads 3

I am keeping up with the blockheads 6 inch block a week. This one was posted by Jo Morton. My fabric is Kansas Troubles stash. I saw Lisa Bongean's layout of the same block and used her color position as a guide, but substituted my own fabrics.

 And because each quarter square triangle block is one color, I subcut a 3 and 1/4 inch square diagonally into fourths and then just pieced them.

I wish I could say I was getting a lot done on quilting... a  foldover binding on a small quilt, a couple seams for an eye spy quilt.  Little bits done, but no real hedge on the progress. And my lovely log cabin has been sitting for a couple weeks.  

This is partly because my sewing machine, my baby of 32 years, is still in maintenance. I am awaiting our reunion  any day now and depend on it for for some things. The replacement is o.k. and does the basics, even the blanket stitch I so purchased it before, but I just don't like it as well. I guess we just need more time together. 

But the weekend is coming!  And there is a quilt show in Sun Prairie, WI,  to go to on Sunday. 

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