Monday, March 27, 2017


March 26.   Daunting approach to the end of March.  Isn't there one more weekend. Please!

I have so much I have been working on. And even more that I want to get done. There are the little things like just fixing the quilting on a donation small quilt, to the new donations started,  and the one that has been occupying my living room floor for a WEEK.  ( Although it was good for moving a few blocks for better color placement. )

1)Oh, and the weekly blocks for blockheads.

2)My RSC blocks are increasing: (see previous post for pics of latest and tricks).

3) Working on donation quilts:A) quilt of valor lap from my bull's eye almost done, B)homespuns needs a border and quilting C tumblers : still on the floor and I started D an eye spy for kids.

 $And lastly my log cabin quilt along just isn't going anywhere. ARGH!

I do have a good excuse.  My sewing machine is in the shop.  My really good one, the one I just know how to operate for careful sewing and the only one I have quilted on.  It has been gone for almost weeks. Can you hear my exasperation?       Luckily I have a back up.  Thanks Hubby!
The extended deadline for my log cabin. will be for my guild's quilt show:  April 22.  
It has had one border added, but all it needs is applique placement, borders sewn, and then quilting.

Good news: checking the posts from March I can  see my accomplishments:
( goal for creating this job accomplishing)

My En provence is completed and given away.  WOOP, WOOP!

I quilted and bound my brother's extra courthouse steps 4th of July square.     Yes, an extra square.
But it is DONE!

And of course, new starts:

Easter bunnies!  Well, bunnies anyway for my mom.   I am now thinking a full quilt and to be done when I visit her in the summer.  Latest idea is to use the twister borders with the 30s fabrics and then borders of the variety of prints I have.
    (still has menacing eyes)

But I also think I am going to make placemats.  I am hating the lack of springtime weather and need something to look forward to.   If you want to make it the directions are :Here

Easter Egg Place Mat Project-Jacquelynne Steves-


  1. I feel your pain regarding your sewing machine being gone. Mine was in the repair shop for a month last fall and I don't have a back up! Your place mats are adorable! And you have had a productive month!

  2. I didn't make them ......yet!
    But I still don't have my machine. Argh!!!

  3. Lets hope your baby isn't too sick! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm so sorry for your sewing machine !! Arghhhh.... Not fun !
    Your work is beautiful and I love your blocks Debbie ! Can I take this photo on my blog please ?

    1. Sorry, to reply so late. Yes, of course, you may. I am hoping to get to my log cabins this week on my break. I really want it done.