Sunday, April 2, 2017

Quilt show and birthday

Last Sunday, I went to the quilt show in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. It is different as it is always a Sunday to a Tuesday.  But it always has wonderful quilts and pulls from a much different area of quilters than the Mukwonago show.  Pardon my photography.

This first quilt is by Barbara Leis. She has won several national ribbons. This proves to be amazing as well. You can't see it well, but the striping between the colors is actually many, many strips of piping connecting the 2 sections, each with different colors. Truly amazing and so striking. 

This one is a miniature, but the colors really spoke to me and looked like suede. I wonder if they are Cherrywood fabrics or not.

We saw the pattern for this on display to buy in one of the booths.. such detailed piecework or paper piecing?  So fresh and modern!

I just liked the combination of blocks.

So many colors and such contrast with the black!

Of course, no quilt show is complete unless you find some pattern or fabric calling your name.
I fell for a lunch bag pattern and Easter egg fabric to make Easter bags for Grandma's house. 
Then we stopped at JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie and  I stocked up on a few backgrounds and colors. She has a wealth of country colors and wools. 

Then afterwards I went to my friend's house.  She showed me this mini quilt. It is a Kim Diehl pattern which uses red, and has a neat trick of the diagonal just being a block 1/4 inch larger than the 2 side ones. You just place the smaller block to the corner, matching the sides and sew the diagonal line. Do the same with the other one and you are left with a neat contrast strip in between.. She is going to place it in a picture frame with beautiful wood.

But lastly here is the picture of my son from his surprise birthday, yesterday. He is a very casual guy and loves the Blues Brothers and Star Wars. 
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  1. Beautiful quilts ! I especially love the second with curves, butterflies and birds ! Thank you for sharing Debbie !