Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter weekend

Easter!  Warm weather: in the 60s, Green grass.  Forsythia, and Daffodils.

And yes, it is my spring break from school.  So we went to Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada to visit my mom and stepfather. ( long story of how my mother who is from Ohio and the Buckeye state is where I grew up)

During the long drive, I spent several hours doing embroidery. I am so excited I made great progress on my Crabapple Hill design. 

 After a long drive, we had a great time with them eating good food, doing puzzles and seeing the lakes.  And there was so much water tumbling down the dams, creating rolls and rolls of water. 

We went to Easter service; it has been several decades that I have spent Easter with Mom. What joy!

I did bring my sewing machine and set it up downstairs to work on a few projects;

1)  Blockheads, sunflower design,  Center needs to be appliqued, as I left that fabric at home.

2) I put together 3 of these Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. Here is the total for April. 
Color of the month: multicolored.

3) Here is the baby quilt I need to finish for my sister to give to an old neighbor of hers.  so I need to get cracking on this to mail by tomorrow. 

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  1. Happy Spring Break! Hope you enjoy every minute of it! I'm a retired teacher so I know exactly how you feel. :) I really like your pinwheel blocks! They are one of my favorites that I've seen on RSC blogs.