Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Finishing, finishing, finishing.

Working on:

Homespuns for church donation:  borders on!  Binding cut.

So glad to get this off my plate. I have a friend from church who said she would quilt it.  I have the back the the batting already.  This is what it looked like before border.

This will go to and Indian reservation in South Dakota, I believe. It will keep somebody warm.

Here is the backing and border that was left over.  It looks great, and resembles the soft flannel feel although it is just a woven cotton. The back is a nice flannel, an extra wide piece.

Tumbler together!  A Quilt of Valor!

Putting it together proved to be a bit more tedious than I would have liked. If you look at the outside edges on the right and left, you can see that it is the same block. As the tumbler does have a zig zag edge pattern, I cut it evenly down the middle and then reassembled the middle blocks, (former outside ones) together.  What I didn't realize in the original layout was that I needed one more vertical row to connect the 2 same shaped blocks. That was the tedious part.

I think I have found a back, but need to add more to the width. I found a cut off a quilt I made my brother of the same fabric company. And I will need to get a binding, and quilt it.

I would have sewed more today, but my son's basement ended up flooding and help was needed. Darn sump pump! My hubby had to purchase and install a new one. Some company came to dry the basement out, which included pulling up carpet and moving things upstairs and off the floor. Fortunately, he has insurance.

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