Sunday, March 19, 2017

Charity quilt and Spring

First the donation quilt... the fabrics were donated by a local quilt shop. They had a die cut for the extra large tumbler. All I had to do was randomly sew them in rows and then lay them out. Followed by some rearranging and frog stitch : rip it, rip it, rip it. Wanted to get the colors spread out.

Next I need to see the rows together , slice it, and the sew edges together to make it rectangular. Somewhere I have a red white and blue print for the border.

Next up...  bunnies chicks.

It was decide my HB and I would visit my mom for Easter.  I can't even remember the last Easter we were together. Even when we both taught prior to my kids, our breaks were never the same week. And although Canada may not be beach worthy, it will be good to see her. Her memory is declining, rapidly.

So I was browsing Pinterest for Easter ideas. I saw the 30s bunnies book and remembered I have it from many, many moons ago; copyright 2002.  After a mad search I even found it. Mom was born in the 30s and her bedroom was painted with a border of bunnies by my creative grandmother. I had always intended making it for her as these reminded me of them.

So I dug out my bag is 30s prints, found several small prints and appliqued the bunnies on white squares. I even was able to use the blanket stitch on my almost new/used sewing machine. (My tried and true is still in for a tune up. Boy, so I miss her.)

Voila, blocks almost finished...just the eyes  and a few face details. Next step..... not sure.  A table runner? Wall hanging?   Some pieced work around them, maybe framed first and then patchwork. Maybe even connector blocks. Still "hatching" the idea.

I know, the one bunny looks like he is out to get you,  But he just needs some TLC, of the sewing variety.


  1. Very cute bunnies... except the green one who does look somewhat vicious! LOL

  2. You did good to find the pattern and get those blocks done so quickly. Maybe a table runner would be perfect for mom to display during the Easter holidays and it would not take any more bunnies. Have a great visit with your mother.

  3. I'm sure you will have a beautiful Easter with your mother! I love that Grandmother's Bunny pattern! It's so playful and fun! The 30's fabric was a perfect choice! Thank you so much for sharing!