Thursday, June 29, 2017

Winding up June

It has been an odd month for June.  The weather has definitely been atypical.  The only warm/hot part is when I was traveling to Canada.  Last night we again had rain and really loud lightning. Even the tornado siren went off for high winds. And it has been cool all week: I find I need fuzzy socks  to keep my feet warm and even a sweater during the day.

I had the joy of being with my grandsons this morning while Mama went to the doctor for a check up.
They were cuddly and fun. There is nothing like hearing them giggle or say," I really love you, Nonny!" I feel so very lucky to be a part of their lives.

I had finally gone in to see the doctor last week for a sinus infection that wasn't horrible, but wouldn't go away for 3 weeks. The cure is worse than the infection. I am on amoxicillin with augmentin; it gives me stomach issues and a headache by the afternoon.  Oh, well 3 more days.

But instead of sewing yesterday I cut out lots:  Both my latest Blockheads are cut out and ready to assemble.


Then I cut out 2 colors of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge getting ready for the rest of the year. Two yet to cut, but are pulled and ready in a pile ( And I need a few more blues and browns.)

I felt lucky to find the missing red pinwheel for my Dresden quilt; even located a brown piece.  All that is needed are background triangles and 1 more brown.  Not bad for an old project.

And I found this with it.  Bonus! It is pieced and in rows.


  1. Hi Debbie
    your comment on my I Like post made my day. I so appreciate you! Please consider doing an I Like post sometime and joining us! I'd love to find out more about the things you enjoy. LeeAnna

  2. Sometimes it does feel like the cure is worse than the disease. Hopefully your sinus infection is under control. You've got some fun blocks in the works.