Sunday, December 3, 2017

1st weekend of December

Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat...And so the song goes.

But in real life the last month of the year; the countdown truly Christmas.

It started with leaving work early for an eye appointment. But I already knew I needed glasses to read and of course, sew. Have you seen one lying around? There are several missing. 

 Anyway, what a headache from all the light in my eyes. So now, I need eye drops, just saline.  

And then I had time to sew yesterday. I finished 2 blocks  for  Covered in Love.
Covered in Love is a call for blocks and she then assembles and has then has them quilted and donates them. 


And the assembled and quilted 4 mug rugs/pot holders.

This is one colorway.  I have a 2nd color with a green print and red ribbons.

And little by little I am getting my applique done:

Here is one end of the 60 inch borders. so far the stems are done. and leaves on one border. 

This is the decor for a great little restaurant in downtown Waukesha.  My spouse and I went to last night. The ambiance was wonderful with the lights and ornaments hanging everywhere.    The long thing above the bar is an assemblage of characters like Dick Tracy and  all collectibles.manner of old collectibles.  This is the 2nd bar mantel as the restaurant burned down once.  Great time!

Hope you and yours are doing well. 


  1. Thanks for reminding me about Covered with Love. You have some lovely projects going on.

  2. Beautiful things going on at your house. Love all the applique.

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