Saturday, February 3, 2018

A new month, another week

Not much in the land of cold.  It was a sad week at at school as a 7th grader had died. Sometimes, life is not fair.  It touches many people.

But on another note, I didn't get much sewing; I think a bug has hit me again. Fortunately, swimming really seemed to boost me mentally and physically.  I can't really describe how being in the water makes a difference. I swim laps for a half hour before school a couple days. It is peaceful and yet a time to focus on the inner self while working on the repetitive stroke, stroke strokes.

So I did not sew much at all during the week.

I did get my new Stash Bee block done.  I try to be prompt at the beginning; and it gives me a small accomplishment at the beginning of the month.

Then I pulled my purples out for the new RSC color. I really don't have much purple.
But here is the  start

And then I just wanted to do something fun.  And as it is February, I pulled the hearts I had started last year:
These blocks are made using fusible interfacing with a grid on it.  Cut the fabric in squares. Arrange on the grid.  Iron lightly to adhere. Fold on the back and sew rows. Clip seams, open them up and then resew the perpendicular lines.

Here is my inspiration for more blocks to add to them from Small quilts and doll quilts.

So I started creating some new blocks:
These are just after ironing.

These are after vertical rows are sewn:

These are some letters: done on grids:

Now to finish them and assemble all together.


  1. Red hearts sound like a perfect project to lift your spirits. Such sad news about the 7th grader. Life is not fair sometimes.

  2. Sewing mixed in with the sad and the bad helps bring balance to our lives. I've never tried that interfacing technique. Do you like that for your Heart blocks?

  3. Losing kids is so hard, sorry. Love what you are doing with the red heart blocks. I have lots of purple. Love the colour.