Sunday, February 25, 2018

Winter Quilt show

First quilt show of the year! Time to get those creative juices flowing.  I volunteered to sell tickets for the raffle quilt for my guild for the early morning shift and then walked around to see all the quilts and vendors.  Of course, I only got what I NEEDED.  Right.  I keep telling myself that. Oh,  and they were on sale. Well 2 fat quarter bundles anyway. 

This is a quilt made from a series in quilt magazine which has been made in a pattern.  And I know a friend who has it.  I think I just might have to do this!

I loved this quilt and up close all the little inch squares were so bright and eye catching. 

Here are some minis I really liked.

And this is a ribbon woven bag.  Really, just satin ribbons. Looks so neat! 

And then this Batik quilt was great with all the points and the black contrast.

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