Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Monday

I can't get the Mamas and the Papas out of my head. Kind of a nice melody.

Anyway,  I needed some handwork to do while watching the Superbowl last night.  So I remembered I had already traced a bouquet for my daughter on a Kaffe shot cotton in gray.  She loves daisies.  So I embroidered a few flowers using a chain stitch. 

Then after school today, I purchased some purples.  I don't have very many at all. And I need some for my strings for my rainbow scrap challenge.  I did go to JoAnn's.  This is going to be a donation quilt  anyway. 

JoAnn's is closer than the closest quilt store which is about 20 minutes away. And it was next to a dollar store for art supplies for my grandboys to make a card for Valentines Day. I think I will send a couple to the great Grandmothers, too.

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