Thursday, March 15, 2018

Quilt show 2

I loved this little one. It is a block of the month with such  woodland characters. 

The rest are all a part of the theme for the show:  "Everything goes with purple".
And there indeed was purple.  ( which is not really a favorite color of mine)

This is all appliqued in wool. So gorgeous!  It was hard to know why it did not win a ribbon. But that is the judges decision and I don't know the comments.  



I liked this one which was all Kaffe Faucet fabrics, but was so beautifully set off by the light gray background.  It really is a lesson on color.  


  1. Wow! I like that kaleidoscope looking one with the dark background! Gorgeous!

  2. I love Forest Galorest so much! I've had the pattern for a couple of years, but haven't started it up yet. I'll have to use it as a reward for myself - finish three BOMs, then start that quilt :) And, wow - I'm in awe of that Moroccan-looking applique quilt under the tri-lobal tesselation quilt.