Sunday, March 25, 2018


My week has been very low key!  No sewing.  Just sleeping and over the counter medicines for colds. I stayed home from school for 2 days and didn't think I should miss any more.

I did make a necklace from a kit from Eclectic, a local bead store.  In the past, I had done this a lot and even went to a big bead convention here in Milwaukee a couple of times.  But I really liked this sample, and needed something this length to wear.

I also ordered Marti Mitchell's template package to make  a  Jack's Chain quilt.  I have a few hundred 9 patches already made for it  Those below are 3 and a half inches. I thought I could draw it, but just caved in to getting the templates that someone on pinterest discovered were perfect for this size. 

I have been compiling photos/drawings of  main street buildings for a row by row. I have a plan for  a few two story buildings in a row on one side and a basic white church with a steeple on the other.  Typical buildings of many small towns is my plan.

The only other thing I have accomplished was cutting hexi's from freezer paper which I printed from this site: Also template pages for several sizes.  See Sue Daley's videos on how to glue and piece them by hand.  Just look up Sue Daley on You Tube.  So many great tutorials.
( I think I am taking these on an upcoming road trip.) 

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing

Picture of my pre-concert concert. My daughter and husbancd both have their music spread on the table and are "playing" their percussion instruments on their laps. They are both leaving for Madison for the afternoon concert and will return for dinner.


  1. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. So many people are fighting the flu and cold. Feel better soon! I haven't heard of the Jack's Chain Quilt. I'm going to look it up because all those nine patches intrigue me! Thanks for linking to MCM!

  2. Lots of bugs traveling around here, too. It's a job just to stay well. I was intrigued by your Jack's Chain blocks. I think you'll like the MM templates too for cutting so many connectors at a time. They are nice.

    Would you mind contacting me via email and leaving a return email? You've come up as a no-reply blogger, and I have a question. Thank you.