Friday, August 9, 2019

Field trip

First I can say I did complete my block of the month for my guild.
And I cut so many I will make a 2nd block as well.

Primitive Gatherings had their warehouse sale.  I haven't had the chance to go in the past and wanted to see what they had on sale. I love Lisa Bongean's taste and follow her blog and store blog.  I am lucky to be in Wisconsin and only have an hour and a half drive.  You can buy online tomorrow as well. Some really good prices.

There were some strip bags: precut for minis.  Great for the assortment of fabrics and there were a couple of different prints in the sizes of inch and a quarter and inch and a half.  I loved the solids as well as the reproductions and the lovely prints and different colors. So much easier than having to buy and cut all the fabrics.


Then while perusing in line I saw a quilt kit . The pattern is half inch half square triangles. So there was a great background as well. I may not make it as is, but am excited to have the array of colors.

Then my friend and I went to the other quilt store in Appleton, which was expanded so much from the last time I was there last.  I also got a quilt of Kim Diehl fabrics half off.  Yeah, again for the assortment. She has such rich color saturated colors.


  1. you are lucky to have these stores in WI - when I visit my daughter near Madison I have 2 or 3 stores near by to shop and none here in Arkansas that I don't need to drive at least 2 hours to get to

  2. Love those fabrics looking at the book on Amazon!

  3. You found some great fabrics! I enjoy getting the smaller cuts, too. I'm more likely to use all of them.