Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Machine workout

Deadline is looming: a.k.a. Monday is the start of working at school.
So I have been making my sewing machine run and run and run. 

First I finished quilting this cutie's pink and brown baby quilt. I meandered all over in the cute pink color.  You can kind of see the pattern on the dark brown squares.  I ran it until I had no more thread. Ugh. So I picked up a small spool of Mettler.  I don't use pink often. 

Then I added the large ric rac to the name section, a rod pocket which is the flap at the top and the binding  This is all flannels, with a light batting in between.  
All that is left is the hand stitching. Easy peasy. 

Then I finished almost all the blocks for my grandson's big boy quilt. This is the new design after I canned the transportation applique.  I am not going to throw the 7 blocks out that I so carefully designed, pieced and machine appliqued. But I have decided to make wall hangings for their rooms from them.  Both quilts go with the colors . The 2 brothers  will have the same backing fabric for their big boy beds, which was also Jensen, the little one's back to his baby quilt. Love the bright colors for them. 

Here is the lay out I have a few more easy blocks to piece, then I need to figure out if it is big enough. Right now it is 4 by 5 blocks with each block having a large and small square and 2 rectangles. That unit totals 16 inches; so 64 by  80 total inches. 
The bright orange and red look identical in this photo. Night photos don't do justice. 

I want to have this sent to the quilters by early next week. My issue will be piecing the back.  All I have is one length of 2 yards of the print. My plan is to slit it up the middle and add more solids to that. 


  1. I hate piecing backs but I do it - I have heard some people really like to piece backs and make scrappy backs all the time - it would use up some of the yardage sitting on the shelves and maybe sometime I should think of it - it would use some of this up

  2. Both fun quilt! Hop you enjoyed your hand stitching!

  3. Both are great quilts - well done!

  4. Love both quilts and especially the improv feeling of Camille's. Great job!