Wednesday, October 13, 2021


 This past weekend we had a Quilt Chicks retreat in Madison, Wisconsin. The weather was dreary, but maybe that was a good thing so we could get more sewing done.   It is always a blast to have a bunch of quilters in the same room.  So many ideas floating around and lots of creative ideas to help get the juices flowing.  

Here are two of the projects I was able to put together:

The first one is a retro panel from a fabric line called Kitty Corn.   I thought it was so cute, but loved the more muted colors.  I had fun with the borders and even had some inspiration from my fellow quilters.

The second was a table runner using a charm pack.   I thought it was a little bright when a put it together for my dining room table, so I added lattice to calm it down a little. The pattern was a mini yellow brick road by Terry Atkinson. 

Both of these need quilting. But this week I have 3 meetings in the evenings and 2 sew dates for the guild.  Busy, busy.

I have another lap quilt made from batiks, but I forgot to get a photo once it was together and now it is at the long-armer to  take to my daughter in law this week. 

My dear spouse and I are looking forward to seeing my son and family, ( mostly the boys, right) this week.  Covid is going around.  In fact our little guy the 5 year old came down with it early last week. We hope that is the end of it.  So far no new cases in the family. Fortunately, the parents have all 3 vaccines. This will be me in a week. 

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