Wednesday, February 22, 2023

A Flimsy!

 I didn't realize how long ago I had blogged. It has been a busy week sewing and sewing. Which is just perfect for this winter weather.  We are going from winter storm to winter storm. Last week we were to get blizzard conditions and snow.  Schools canceled in the late afternoon on the day before.  When I woke in the morning, there was not even a flake on the ground.  But it did arrive later that morning.  Last night, we had much the same expecting ice and sleet and such.  It looks bleary, and has tiny snow pellets coming down. So far not too slippery. And schools are out again today. 

Here is someone who likes the snow and enjoys all it can bring. I just need to add eyes and a mouth to donate to our Block of the Month for guild. 

And I did get the round on my Stay at Home Round Robin.
But I am behind 3 rounds. Ugh.  What to do?

But my Piece de Resistance!  
My Ocean Waves are together!  All 64 blocks!   I even attached a 6 inch border of the background to the sides and it is already at my most wonderful quilter.   Many hours into putting them together over a couple days. I am so relieved and almost feel anti-climatic about it. My plan it to enter it in the guild's show the first of April for the theme of Triangles.   There are 1664 of them in this quilt. I did utilize Triangles on a Roll.  And I have 4 leftover blocks!  How did THAT happen. 

Here is it draped over my couch. Not enough light or space to display it anywhere else. 
Off to the my longarm quilter!


  1. well your quilts look great - you have been busy while you have not been blogging!

  2. 1664 triangles sounds like it could be a beginning of a song. Congrats on a beautiful top. It’ll be great to have it finished. I like your snowman block too. I enjoyed your eye candy.

  3. I always fine a use for any leftover piecing. I tend to make a whole bunch of variety of some block, different fabrics, and then choose the ones I want in the (main) quilt and using the leftovers for another, perhaps a lap quilt instead of a bed quilt... depending on the size of the blocks. Maybe just a doll quilt?