Saturday, February 4, 2023

Round robin and more

 So I did finish my first round before Monday even.   But then my colors were a little unbalanced for me and some of the spools were crooked, meaning facing the wrong way. so I took off 2 sides and resewed them.  Fun right?

I did plan my row for the star round.  And I decided to add star points to make the overall quilt look like a sawtooth star with extra points.

It is now evening and I probably won't finish it tonight. 

So here is the statis: 

I have done sewing all week like a mad hen.  The progress is to say that ALL of my ocean waves blocks are done and it makes me SO happy.   I started putting them together even.  Much easier than I had thought it would be.  Yes!  


  1. Your SAHRR is coming along really well - it looks really nice with those star points. Oh my - that is a lot of HSTs in those blocks! So pretty!