Monday, June 26, 2017

"Go 4 it" together!

My goal last week had been to get this together and I did!  And now it even has a good press.

So now the piano key border is cut:  Time to assemble and attach.

The end of the week was spent with my grandboys. We had lots of fun playing. 
Ever the teacher, I worked on potty training, vocabulary with the little one and having fun with toys,
The 3 year old is getting good at putting our wooden train set together; it is a box found at a rummage having a conglomeration of  Brio, Thomas and similar pieces. Completion of the design is done by Grandma, but hey, I can have a little fun,too.

Then we all went to the Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg:

I will have another UFO to show progress on tomorrow.

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