Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Blocks and crayons

First, I finished the new Blockhead block of the week. I love seeing the different variations that each designer makes for each week's block.  Further, there are different color variations and tips and tricks.
I have improved my piecing skills as each block is only 6 inches finished.

Also shown is last week's block:
 We now have 23 weeks completed  and 25 to go.

The next project I started began as a challenge for a small quilt bee   We were to dye or alter  the embellishment. One person used paints with a fabric medium added and shaped sponges.  Another used Shiva paint sticks. One I was interested in was using Sharpies on fabric and then adding rubbing alcohol which gave it a tie dye look.

My inspiration was this pattern I have had for at least 10 years.

I then got out my box of 100 crayons from when my kids were young, traced the oak leaves, searched images online, and then began coloring away.  Afterward, I turned in upside down on muslin with newspaper as an added shield below it.  I ironed the crayon into the fabric.  

  I additionally, added more color blending and adding a darker shade overall, ironing again until I was satisfied with my leaves. 

Lastly, I began embroidering with  a backstitch to highlight the veins and outlines. Now to complete the rest of the designs. 

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