Thursday, August 10, 2017

Quilt guild: Judy Hasheider

I am lucky to come to meet many quilters from Wisconsin.  Last night at our guild meeting we had Judy Hasheider for a speaker. ( This was not a picture from last night.)

Quilt with Judy pattern, Fiddly Bits, shown at Sievers School by Judy Hasheider.

I have several patterns of hers and have been in a few lectures as well for techniques.

And here is my feathered star made after her wonderful instructions. She uses the Marsha McCloskey method in her books. Her lecture showed step by step how to assemble this completely taking the fear of the difficulty away.  I was ambitious  brave enough to attempt it.  And.... it came out well.  ( Just need to complete the quilting on this UFO. )

She is a wonderful quilter with such a great presentation style. Although, she does not say she is a good presenter, in her words, " I let my quilts do the talking."  So as she talked last night, her topic was Designing Concepts. Using stacks of quilts, she showed us how to vary so many things about a block or a pattern and make a completely new and original work using size, color, sashing, and more.
She would take a block and make it completely differently several times. It was just so inspiring.

Here is another of her quilts that has been published in Quilt Sampler for the quilt shop Stitcher's Crossing. ( which is no longer open)
"Cabin Tracks" (from Quilting with Judy)

Bottom line, if you ever get a chance to see her or go to her retreats, DO IT.  She really inspires you with fresh ideas and confidence.  I came away with the " I can do that!" mentality.  Just love it!

Here is her website:  It has retreats, patterns, and more!


  1. Thanks for sharing - I am not familiar with her patterns. Your feathered star block really turned out great!

  2. Great feathered star block - thank you for sharing it on Midweek Makers!