Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rows of hearts

Back that truck up! Not really.  But here is where my hearts were 2 weeks ago.

And I just wasn't feeling this as a center with  a large space of white and then a border of these.
My creative mind has been contemplating this for a while. And I just didn't like it and had been searching for inspiration.  So over the weekend I ripped it apart.

(Here is one block close up.)
And I decided I would put the blocks in rows and put fabric strips between them.
So I cut out many more setting triangles, pieced a few more blocks ...

And here is what I now have: 50 hearts minus the last one all in 5 rows. Each row is 85 inches long.
Great for a full sized bed.  Now to finish the ends.  And cut and sew lots of leftover 30s in horizonal strips.
And I hope it will kind of look like this:

Here is another version of the same heart block I saw at a friend's house. Cute!

Back to the sewing machine!


  1. I LOVE ALL your colorful, scrappy quilts!

  2. This is really coming along beautifully! Those hearts are just amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing the finish...especially now that you have changed the layout!