Thursday, August 17, 2017

Football runner

We interrupt this blog to bring you football  season.   ( and a short break from other quilting projects.)

NFL icon by SlamItIcon  Yes, football is upon us.  American football that is. And practices have started with a few preseason games. I couldn't tell you much about that.  But I have read some of the sports sections.  I am a fair weather fan.  

And although I live in Wisconsin and do support one team, I am not against any other team except for the week we may play your team or if you beat us in the Super Bowl.

  Mind you again, I do support other teams as I grew up being a Cleveland Browns fan and even watched 2 games in the baseball stadium it used. So don't hold that against me either. 

Back to my digression.   I had visited my LQS which has a row for this year's Row by Row.  It was appropriately named: Go Sew Go. In green and gold colors.  Letters for the change of wording were extra.

In case you want it: Franks Sewing Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They are great with sewing machines and I get mine regularly cleaned and adjusted there and it is 32 years old. 

So I bought a kit of the Row by Row.  Easy instructions and blocks already cut out.  Hooray!

Loved the piecing for the flying geese as it used the above method.

It went together: Zip! Zap Zoom!  and in case you didn't see it coming: 

Here is the top for the runner:  

I need to machine applique the letters and finish it...  will have to search for additional fabric.
It is for my daughter, an avid Packer fan.  She is going to put it up on the walls of her cubicle on either game days or Fridays.  


  1. I absolutely adore this fun wall hanging (even if it isn't my team). Thanks for showing it off! Andrea

  2. Hi Debbie,
    What, what, what?!! Go Pack Go, Go Pack Go!! Yes it is football season, and this Packer fan is ready for some football. Your daughter will love this. I haven't visited your LQS but I will need to soon. Waukesha isn't that far away from me, down here in Sturtevant. Small world! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Good game last night, hope they can keep it up. Packer fan in Nebraska. Have a Packer quilt but I'm sure my son would like a hanging like yours.