Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Schoolhouse rocks

I am getting anxious, just like many other moms and teachers.  Summer is winding down. I am counting the last of my quilting days.  Ugghhh.  I really was able to quilt lots this summer. But the party has to end sometime.

Next week back to school meetings. And then Labor Day weekend and then SCHOOL.
The fun of a new schedule with new kids.  A new year, a new beginning. At least that is what I keep
telling myself.
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So on that theme: here is my latest "experiment"  
The schoolhouse block?

I pulled out some fun colors and started the School house blocks. It took me several tries to master the paper pattern pieces.  Oh, to shoot a printer someday!
 ( Pattern originally from All People Quilt  Home for the Harvest by Carrie Nelson)

The trick: that pesky peak to match the chimney.  Using their paper pieces for the roof   KEY in my estimation.  Also make sure to print to scale. 
And as the pattern shows there is a mini.  Yeah! for minis!!  I don't know why but I have always enjoyed the smaller sizes, maybe because I am kind of smaller as people go.

And here are all my houses thus far: big and small. 

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  1. Your big and little houses are so cute together! I love the four minis together in one block. I hope the beginning of your school year goes smoothly. Summer has just flown by this year!

  2. Those are adorable little houses. Enjoy your time going back to school. Happy sewing! Andrea

  3. Love your little village! Good luck with back to school--I'm right there with you!

  4. What cute little schoolhouses! Enjoy your free time when you get some!

  5. Your houses are cute as can be! I am a retired teacher and remember so well how much I tried to pack into the summer. Hope you have a great school year with your new class and can fit in some sewing here and there!