Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Red stop signs

Red blocks  

I am pleased to say I have actually done quite a bit of quilting this weekend.

First I made 400 inches of blue bias tubes for applique. Here are the first group of them.

Second I laid out my RSC 2017 blocks and then forgot to take a picture.  They are all picked up and ready to piece into rows. 112 blocks made: 108 used. Each block is a different fabric and an additional 2 half square triangles were made per color.  I did make a row around the quilt, and have so many more left. 

Next week I am going on a quilt retreat for 2 days during the week. I am excited to be with friends and have uninterrupted quilting time. And this is the first project I want to finish there.  I am in a mood to get the UFOs going.

So my big almost finish:   I found a bag while sorting through various projects and found this:
Many moons ago, I had made a red and white quilt, and with the leftovers started this pattern from a Kim Diehl book. And there it sat. 

So I pressed it up and added an additional row of background blocks.  I knew I just wanted a little quilt for Valentine's Day.  And since the evening was still young I proceeded to quilt it with my walking foot. I just outlined the stop signs in rows.

Here is the back:

And here is the final product: each side is 21 inches long, made of 3 inch finished snowballs and 9 patch blocks. 

All that is left is to hand stitch the binding.  It shouldn't take too long.  
Any ideas for a name?


  1. So nice you were able to finish an older quilt. It is a pretty quilt.

  2. Your quilt turned out great. Sometimes it's hard to finish an older quilt because fabrics have changed, but you picked the perfect fabrics to finish it.

  3. Stop in the name of love ❤️ great finish.

  4. Lucky find!! PERFECT for RED month over at the RSC.

  5. Red Flame popped into my head, but I also really like the suggestion above Stop in the name of Love...gotta love the Supremes. Very pretty, and what a nice find. I know I still have some buried UFO's somewhere, lol. Have fun at your retreat. The last 2 times I've come to your blog, I get an error message that says the page you're looking for doesn't exist? The first time I came from my blog log where I've previously cut and pasted your url into the blog log widget. The other day when it happened again, I thought something was just wonky, so deleted you from the blog log. And re-added you directly from your blog by copying and pasting your url. So, it's not like I'm typing it wrong...and yet today, after re-adding you the other day, the same thing happened. Got the same error message. In order to get to your blog I have to click on your B and then it takes me to your blog??? Any ideas why?
    Sandy's Space

  6. Actually this is the url I get when I do a cut and paste from your blog. https://time4stitchn.blogspot.com/ earlier when I said I click on your B, I meant to say the title of your blog is what I click on.