Sunday, February 10, 2019

Embroidery and more

I have finished the embroidery of my Over the River, the Crabapple Hill design.
2 and 1/2 years in the making of the tiny outline stitch with Presencia pearl cotton 12.
Love the brown color.

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So happy and feeling accomplished!  But as I have other piecing projects in the line up, this one will be put on hold for a while to get all the blocks and borders together.

Here are my progress squares for piecing.   Only 2 blocks to finish and then the sashing which is also pieced. This is a Thimble blossoms pattern made with Bonnie Sullivan woolies in flannel. My couch has lots of brown.

No photo description available..

In between I needed some new needlework beside the TV to work on.
So I got out Henrietta the squirrel, her friends the crows all in pumpkin land.
It was dark while sewing, so I need to select my floss ahead of time to match it to the various shades and colors.

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Sorry for the twisted picture.  I have 4 blocks done of the wool applique with 3 ready to hand sew and 2 to prepare. This is an Ann Sutton design that was a free BOM back in 2012. I started with needle turn; not my preferred method and switched to the wool.  Some of it is felted, but I noticed some of my browns are not. Another UFO to work on. But it feels so good to be making progress.

And lastly, I got out a knitting project.  I think it is 2 years old. I know I put it on hold, as I couldn't find the 2nd batch of yarn. And I did a mad scramble again searching all my yarn bins only to find that I had already included it.  I even found my pattern online. What luck!
Image may contain: stripes

Now the photos of the knitting are deceiving as there is an edge of stitches which makes it crumpled.
But you can at least see the pattern and the colors. They are a medium gray and a great self striping yarn.

No photo description available.'
Hooray for getting things done!


  1. I love that one from Crabapple - I had one pattern from them and I do not know if after I made it that I passed it to another quilter I haven't seen it for awhile

  2. The Crabapple embroidery is beautiful. Those felt blocks are lovely. You have some lovely projects to work on...happy slow stitching.

  3. You've been very busy! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the beautiful embroidery. I love the colors in your shawl. You'll be able to wear that with anything.