Sunday, March 29, 2020

Distance learning

Online school started this week. I sit on the couch answering "hangout" conversations with my students. This goes from 8 to at least 4 in the afternoon. And then in the evening I have been making calls to families to help the students get online. Or I have been answering emails and such.

They have been LONG days. Many of the students are trying. Some things go well; and other things not so well. Teachers adapt and we keep going. Oh, and did I say long and tiring.

So Thursday I finally sewed. I finished my Bonnie Hunter setting blocks.  Today I hope to make the corner blocks.
Then it is putting it together.

But just like many of you on your blogs, I feel like a need something NEW.   

Today we supposed to be our quilt show. And of course, it is canceled. We are having the raffle Sunday for he beautiful blue and white quilt from the Edyta Sitar book something about blues. We made it bigger than the one in the book. And a beautiful appliqued border was added: I had made all the bias stems.

GOOD news: Corners finished. It took several hours.  That is not because they are complicated, it is because I didn't have enough pink cut out. After a little specific cutting of the right shape and color, they are done.

Bottom line, DONE!  And assembly has started. Slow and steady!

And then I laid them out.  Toot, toot, to toooooooo.
Drum roll, please.

And then I found these extras.   Hmmm.  This goes to show: I am a VISUAL learner.
I look at the pictures of the directions, read it once, and relay on it for the duration.
Those 16 sets were not just for the setting triangles, silly.

Still, major progress.


  1. The quilt is beautiful, lovely bright cheery colors. Will be fun to watch it grow. Yes, adjustments you are right. All of lives will be a series of adjustments and change as we make our way through this pandemic. Stay well, wash your hands.
    Sandy's Space

  2. WHat a stunning quilt! The colors you chose are amazing. I really want to try this design by Bonnie Hunter, is it difficult? #stayhome #staysafe ❤️
    // //

  3. You've made great progress on your frolic quilt - It looks like it's soooo close to being done! I've done a few clues but not all of them and it's all sitting in a box in the sewing room quietly waiting for me to have the oomph to get back to it.

    Your days teaching sound very stressful, I hope after everyone gets into a routine it gets better for you.