Sunday, April 15, 2018

Quilt show Rosemont, IL

I had a wonderful time taking a bus trip to the International Quilt Festival in the area yesterday.  So much to see; so much to look at, demonstrations, new products, merchandise gallor. Oh, my

Here is my photo:  Sorry it is a selfie and I couldn't get as much of the background as I would have liked. 

I will share the quilts in a couple of different posts:

First off
Here were the winners as I came in: The first on is the modern one.

The second one is the traditional piecing. This one is a 

La Passacaglia Quilt - Millefiori Quilts

And drum roll please:  here is the overall winner:. It was designed after the inspiration of the flags from the winter Olympics at Sochi.

A special exhibit of Sue Spargo:  here were three I selected to share: 
This one is all pieced with wools, but has great quilting using several of her familiar motifs; Different from the norm, but so effective.

I just love the embroidery with all the variety of vivid colors and threads and stitches.

This one was made by a friend of mine: Donna Karolus. A fellow Wisconsinite, she does such wonderful work and has been selected in several national juried shows.  Her workmanship is wonderful and I really like her quilter: Julia Rockwell who has done a couple for me. The piping along the binding is such a great detail. This quilt had been on a cover for American Patchwork and 
Quilting.  She used a variety of golds and navy blues; stunning!

The next one is all hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted and only received an honorable mention. It really was wonderful as you can tell by the close up photo.  

Oh my, this is blurry, which I couldn't tell at the time. But you still get the overall design and coloration.  The quilted feathers stand out as well. 


  1. I was at the quilt show on Friday. It's interesting to see what caught people's eyes. There were some stunning quilts.