Monday, April 9, 2018

Row by row

For my quilt guild, I am participating in a row by row sharing. For this month, I have the most detailed but incredible challenge.  The owner, created these wonderful old houses, with trees, and flowers, and the tiniest of details which is the top row.  There is even a clothes line with a quilt and a bra.   I have been searching for ideas for this ever since we started in the fall. 
 The 2nd row is a town hall, a gorgeous gazebo and a small strip mall of basic businesses.
The 3rd row has a great farm and country scene.

So I have decided to create an old city street from the early 20th century.   So far I have the fire station :

And here are the three side by side buildings of downtown.  I hope to add a fourth to the left. Then way to the right I am wanting to add a little white church with a steeple.

Lots of fun details. I found some buildings that I printed off and replicated for a train site online.  But I have been manipulating windows, doors, and trims as well as the dimension.  I am thinking of adding a car on the street and a few trees and maybe even a street light or sign post. 


  1. What a fun project! Great way to relax and let your imagination play!

  2. I am so in love with this quilt! I design row quilts and my particular favorite blocks are houses and buildings. Basically row quilts and little towns are my cup of tea. Your addition to this quilt is absolutely delightful!

    Seeing this guild project really makes me want to participate in something similar. Perhaps I will gather some friends and start one.