Monday, April 23, 2018

Strep throat

So here are highlights of the week:

Ummmmm.. more snow. In the 30s all week.  Seriously.  10 inches of snow in April.  I am glad I am not "up north" in Wisconsin where there had double and triple that amount. The snow is starting to melt.  The poor robins have had a very difficult spring here.

But it was my son's birthday.  My dear daughter took him out to a new little brewery in town and introduced the new beau to him.  So I took the grandboys for an overnight.

We built trains, played with puzzles, crayons, made cloud playdough out of corn starch and shaving cream, and baked cupcakes for daddy from scratch. Sorry no pictures were taken.  Because I ended up sleeping with the little one who woke up several times.  I was a might tired as he also got up at 6:15.  It turns out he had strep throat.     Oh, please, I hope I don't get it.  The memorial service is Monday and I have a tickle in my throat.

I hope to sew today. At least got my reds cut out for my cross and crown blocks.  Now for the background. Great tutorial at McCalls.   I think the technique will save me.  My pattern just wanted to cut and fuse the background shapes on a square.  I would rather piece it.

Yes it is strep throat.  I went to urgent care as soon as it opened this morning. But the pharmacy didn't open up for another hour.   Oh, well.  I am taking an antibiotic.


  1. So sorry to hear you have strep throat, too. Hopefully you caught it quickly enough that you won't be really sick. I'm praying healing prayers for you.

  2. Yeah for antibiotics and good old rest and fluids. Third day feeling much better.