Friday, April 13, 2018

Main street in USA

First, here are two of the cutest boys who got to play outside with me yesterday.  Yes, spring is coming.  But he grass is BROWN.  No flowers yet. Slowly, slowly spring will get here although it is only 37 right now and we are expecting freezing rain tomorrow.

Here is the piece with the 3 rows given to me.  Such a challenge!  It really stretched my thinking and technique to add to this already great compilation.

And the completion of my section of the row by row is done.  I added some trees in between each store fronts, some greenery hanging from windows, shrubs around the church, in the alley,  and in the distance, some lettering, ( too small to see) and some clouds. Lots of single line stitching was added  to the buildings and frame the windows . But I am glad it is done.


  1. Your rows look great! What a great guild idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks fantastic! All those details make a difference.