Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Little steps

Back in the saddle again; o.k. it is in a chair by my sewing machine.  But it still runs.  Amazing!  And it FELT good.    After what seems like a long stretch, I did get some piecing completed.

First off, here are some triangles  made into dresdens.   These are for little mug rugs for my mother,  her husband, and my mother in law who is in the hospital with the flu. The idea came from Samelia's mom: on using equilateral ( 60 degree) triangles into flowers:
Here is the  link to Samelia's I found on Pinterest. I chose bright springy fabrics which have nothing to do with the snow we have here. 

Next here are all the squares I have done for the old Block of the Month from Bunny Hill called Henrietta Whiskers.  I am enjoying the wool applique.

Lastly, here is the new Stash Bee block for April : easy, bright and geometric. DONE!


  1. Your flowers are so pretty. Flowers are blooming here, but snow is in the forecast for Saturday. :(
    Your wool blocks are just adorable. Glad you are back "in the saddle".

    1. Thanks for the response. I feel good to be back at it.

  2. Your wool blocks are looking great.