Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jensen's quilt top

So I was Queen for a day.  O.k, I was queen bee for one month for Stash Bee and that was May. I had my worker bees each construct one of these blocks.  I received my last one a week ago.  11 blocks from them, 4 sample blocks from the tutorial and another 30 ish blocks of my own with a huge assortment of bright crayon colors. 

For the last couple of days, I laid it out and pieced the rows together. (I so hate borders.)  And between measurements and extra lengths it is my least favorite of all jobs except piecing a back. 

But It Is Together!  Alleluia! 

Total 58 by 91 inches. 
I have a gorgeous stripe for the binding. 
And it is going to the quilter as soon as I get my batting... and the back pieced. 

Here are the 2 grandboys for Father's Day. They were inhaling food after shoveling and shoveling sand into the lake. Jensen is the one on the left and this quilt is for his big boy bed.

Now to finish Jude's quilt, the other grandson.  And his was started last May.


  1. What a happy quilt! It's perfect for a big boy bed.

  2. Oh what a great quilt! It came together beautifully. Cute grands, too! I'm right there with you... piecing borders and backings are my least favorite thing to do in quilting.

  3. I really like how the colors play off the gray alternate blocks. Nice choice! Best of luck completing the quilt(s).