Sunday, August 1, 2021

Two finished tops

 I feel like I have accomplished a lot over the weekend.

I totally finished the graduation quilt top.  This photo does not show the beautiful borders on the sides.  

Totally brings all the colors together.  It feels so good to get this top DONE!  I will have to try outdoors for photos tomorrow. Not enough light.   This is hanging from our upstairs. 

And secondly, I was able to put the borders on this quilt. This has been sitting since May waiting for the additional borders. My original plan for to make it for my mother who was born in 1931. She is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. I don't know if giving her a new quilt will confuse her.  At the time I made it, the local quilt show was celebrating 30 years with these fabrics for the theme. 

The 30s fabrics are so pretty. I used all kinds of colors not just the soft pastels but also included some bright orange, reds, and even a few browns. Each 6 inch block has 21 pieces and there are 50 of them.
Here is the post where I showed my graph paper layout: Original post: hearts abound 
I started this quilt in July of 2017.  I designed the block from a picture to the size I wanted. 
Then I played around with the setting. 
Yeah!  a UFO top completed!
The vertical borders are also very scrappy with varying widths of fabrics. I couldn't tell you how many pieces total.  But it is also DONE and ready to go to the long arm quilter as well.

Of all the parts of making a quilt, adding the borders is one I really, really dislike.  ( The other being piecing backs.) But with my new enlarged surface on my ironing board, it makes it so much easier. 
It also really helped to get larger areas pressed well.  What a treat to have something to improve my quilting and the tasks I really hate. 


  1. Excellent work and I know how you feel completing 2 tops! Love the '30's quilt! Hugs

  2. Congrats! on your finishes! They are both beautiful quilts. I am right there with you on your dislikes in quilting. :) Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my latest blog post. I am home now for a while and hope to get lots of sewing done! Happy August!