Sunday, July 15, 2018

Art fair and binding

This was the weekend of Madison Art on the Square.  ( Madison, Wisconsin)
My spouse and I have gone for 20 ish years.  
Yesterday, I proctored the ACT test at school, so we were unable to go then.

But today, we left early and arrived as they opened at 10:00. 

It was HOT!  But we saw all kinds of beautiful things; there were booths lining the 4 streets that surrounded our capital building in downtown Madison.  

Here is me near some wall art!

Here is the Capitol and a few of the booths.

And yes, the guy in the hat is my spouse. 
This is a lovely look down State Street with a few more booths.  Lots of good music, too.
And we had a good lamb gyro.

After we returned home, showered, and napped, I got out my quilt and finished the binding on the last side.  

Tomorrow I will reveal my quilt.  It is so cool and I really like how it turned. out.
But here is the back that shows the quilting on the bottom around the applique border. 

And it is done!!!!! Hooray!  A year and a half in the making


  1. we love the farmer's market that is usually there all summer but I haven't heard of the art show - My daughter lives in one of the tiny towns near Madison and we visit at least once a year and almost always go to the farmer's market - I hadn't heard of an art show - I wonder if she knows of this

    1. It is a must see. If you go on Saturday morning, the Farmer's Market is off on a side street. But it is put on my the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. There are music and dancing stages; things for little kids, and of course, all the fun things of Madison. And it is all free.

  2. I've been to that art fair in years past - is always wonderful. ;)

    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt - always such a great feeling of accomplishment!

    :) Linda