Sunday, July 8, 2018

Found my mojo!

It is summer! The break in the weather has been FANTASTIC.  Opening windows and doors is a delight. Such a contrast to almost 100 degrees. 

And I finally am back to being productive.  And boy, does it feel good. 

Last night I got out my Crabapple Hill embroidery; it has been untouched for a long time. 
This is Over the River and Through the Woods.  I have one panel totally  completed. This is the most busy. This is all I have on the right side.
Here is a bigger picture of what has been completed.

And here is what needs to be embroidered on the other side:
Baby steps, baby steps!  

But this week has been a whirlwind of cleaning.  After school is out each year, I like to do the deep cleaning that never gets done during the school year and clean up the accumulation of stuff as well. 
And I finally started. ( only a month after school is out). 
And I am on a roll, with a few more floors, cupboards and such to do. We will see how long it lasts.
I even finally cleaned out my garden beds from the winter's dead.   It has been TOOO hot to get to it. 

And then since I am done with a couple projects, I needed to get things going.  So I made 40ish of the Blockheads from the first go round. 


  1. I am doing the same as you ... finishing up my Blockheads from round 1 and some embroidery stitches too! Enjoy your hand stitching today!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. I found you on slow stitching Sunday. I just finished the word panel of Over the River, although I changed my words. It took me almost 10 years working on the embroidery, but all is finally done. Soon I'll be cutting into the fabric I've kept for the quilt. I didn't want to start the piecing until the embroidery was finished. Continue to enjoy your stitching.

    1. Mine was started 2 years ago. And I wish I had changed the words. Too late for that now.

  3. oooo!!! i stitched Over the River a few years ago (without the words) and changed it around so that it is an autumn quilt (named Awesome) and it was worth every minute of stitching - OTR is the best Crab-Apple Hill design EVER, innit?!? have fun stitching it!

  4. Thanks for the visit. LOVE your trees, I truly have a thing about trees. Going to add you to my blog log to make visiting easier.
    Sandy's Space

  5. Progress forward is always wonderful. Even only a little stitching time can make a difference. On the other hand I wish I could bottle some of your motivation to clean cupboards and the like. My closet would be my first choice but I'm so not interested. Sigh. Your block head blocks look good.

  6. Just think of it is sections, like 1 tree at a time and soon you will be done..ok maybe not that soon:) It is a lot of embroidery, but these are always gorgeous when done! Curious as to what part of WI you live?

  7. beautiful stitching. i love the design!