Monday, July 8, 2019

Georgia and my blues

First, my dear DH and I  had a nice trip to Georgia for his sister's big birthday

Here is the home decor for the party with several surprise out of town guests (including us).
We had a grand time visiting with relatives: all her kids and the 3 grandkids. 

 We started out taking a bus for us all for 3 winery tours.  ( By the way the temperature jumped from the 70s for us to almost 90s down there. Nice change. )

This is the little grand niece who enjoyed everything.  So cute and such great parents.

 Beautiful facilities both inside and the surrounding lands. 

Our trip was a much needed diversion from having my grandkids leave Wisconsin to move to Louisiana.  I have a big hole to fill of time and snuggling. 
Then after we returned, my DH had the surgery to implant his markers for his radiation. 
The process has started.  But we are doing o.k. 

And I have been sewing: fits are spurts on this project.  This is my goosey blues.   Here is the layout for what I have started.

The blocks are comprised of 4 Wild and Geesey paper pieced blocks.  You can find it on Pinterest. 
Each square of the little geese and sides are a total 3 and a half inches; which makes this block 7 and a half inches. And each block like this has no blue fabrics repeated ( total of 28)  Some fabrics do get repeated in other blocks.  But I am going for 100 different different total blues in order to enter it in the Wisconsin state fair.  

These are the corner stones from the lattice.            And this is the lattice for between the blocks. 


Slowly, slowly getting there.


  1. Your Blue Goose quilt is going to be stunning!! I always think of that pattern in bright and colorful scraps. You have just that done in 2 colors, it can be SEW much calmer!

  2. love the quilt - the Georgia area you show looks gorgeous - sorry about your grandchildren moving away - been there and done that and really very sorry for you about it. At least mine moved away shortly after birth so I hadn't gotten really used to them being only a couple hours drive away. I thought your husband had already gone through his treatment for some reason - hope all goes well it sounds like a good recovery is expected.