Sunday, July 28, 2019

Lost week

I think this is my motto at the present.  I have really had a hard time staying focused on any quilting OR anything for that matter this week. Good news: the cyber radiation for my spouse is officially done TODAY, Friday 
The low fiber diet ( which I also ate with him) was tough: no fresh fruits or vegetables, no meats other than chicken, turkey, fish,  and shellfish.   A whole 2 pages of what you can and cannot eat.  
And although it is done, we slowly will add things to his diet over the course of the next week  I think I will gravitate more quickly. I really missed my fresh foods.

And I saw this quilt started on Me and my Quilts. Julie is making all red birch blocks by Amanda Jean Nyberg variation.  I love hers.  And  I thinking I could make it.

But I need to make a baby quilt for my daughter to give as a shower gift. I happened to have bought a bunch of scraps at our guild show in the spring in brown and pink, the colors needed.  And then I needed to buy a few coordinates to add. (Seen together below.

And as they already know the baby's sex and name: this will be included. 
I am trying a new technique learned from our last guild presenter to just spray baste the figures and then applique as normal.  I will let you know how it works.  The cutting out was easy so far.

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  1. glad your husbands treatment is done - weird diet - sounds like the kind they do for thyroid cancer -SIL had that and she was on a weird diet for the treatment