Saturday, July 13, 2019



First, I have to say my hubby is set to have his treatments for his cancer and all are to be done in the next 2 weeks.  The preliminary scans and markers are done.  These appointments are draining, yet I do nothing.  We wait around till he has to go and then I wait while he goes through the procedures.  

What I have learned is that we are blessed. The Prohealth Care Cancer center is wonderful. The staff is nothing more than positive and helpful. The facility is very nice with beverages available and books and a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be put together. Even the music is relaxing.  Talking with the other spouses of patients has made me realize that we are younger than most; and that we are lucky.  Some are going on 5 years of treatments or 3rd degree burns. 

Quilting progress: 

I got right on my goals for July and August and got this baby quilted.
This quilt is only 25 inches square: with each little square only an inch finished. 
I had the perfect Christmas quilt for the back and binding in my stash. 

Then I ordered these tumbler blocks on my facebook group.  It was nice on only have something to lay out and put together.  Now for quilting it. I  think it will just leave it for a table covering.  Each tumbler is about 2 by 3 inches

But I had to also show a couple quilts from my guild meeting on Wednesday.
I showed this Escher quilt being put together back in January. The designer came to share his trunk show mostly for his family of kids and grandkids.  He was a former kindergarten teacher and then mentor for teachers. This is one of his original layouts. You can get or order  a kit of Kaffe fabrics for this at Quiltagious in Mukwonago, WI. This has 3 colorways and an additional 3 D setting.

I loved this one which is a variation of a Storm at Sea quilt called Woven Ribbons.  He said he used Deb Tucker's templates for the diamond in a square and square in a square. ( also for sale as a kit from Quiltagious.)


  1. I have one of those last quilts you showed saved somewhere thinking of making it is so pretty. I hope you bring some quilting or something to work on while you wait for hubby and his treatment and this well be but a memory one day that you well look back on and not have to go through again.

  2. Prayers going out for you and your husband, for healing and for strength and endurance to get through the treatment. I have several friends who are traveling their own cancer journeys right now and it is not an easy road. These are the times that give us the most clarity about what is truly important in life, and what is not.

    Your Christmas baby quilt and tumbler flag both look great! And thanks for sharing the quilt photos from your guild meeting. That M.C. Escher quilt looks AMAZING in Kaffe Fassett fabrics. And that is a pattern that would probably not have appealed to me in "ordinary" fabrics, so there you go!

  3. Sending you my very best wishes all the way from New Zealand for your husband's treatment. I know how draining this can be, have been through I myself. The helpful positive nursing staff would put you at ease and offer much needed support. All the best.

  4. Sending prayers for you and your husband as you go through his treatment. I pray for healing for you husband, strength for you and wisdom and discernment for the medical team. I made that Escher quilt a while ago and need to get it quilted. I just love the design. Love your tumbler flag! And the little Christmas quilt is adorable.

  5. Hope all goes well with the treatments. It is a good idea to have a hand stitching bag full of things to stitch while waiting. Cancer treatments involve a lot of appointments and waiting!

  6. Those tumblers make the cutest little quilt! And the last two you showed are wonderful - they look like so much fun to make. Sending lots of positive vibes to you and your hubby as you go through this tough time.

  7. The 3D stuff kinda makes me dizzy, particularly the first one. I'm experiencing some Vertigo right now, so I only looked at that a short while. Don't need to get the dizzy going again. The flag and the Christmas quilt are very nice. What do you do with a quilt that is 25 inches square? Will you use it for a wall hanging? A quilt for a doll perhaps? Glad hubby's treatments are going well, sounds like you've made the best of the situation with the support of many. Continued good luck to you and your hubby.
    Sandy's Space