Monday, July 29, 2019

Pink Baby quilt

My daughter's group of couple friends are all at the marrying, settling down and having baby stage.
She has been dating for over a year and I think he is a keeper. 

So she has a baby shower this weekend  and I volunteered to make a quilt for her.  They already know it is a girl and even the name. 

I happened to buy a bag of pink and brown flannel scraps at our guild show in the spring and those are the colors needed. Additionally I added some other fabrics to compete it.

Then I found out they had already picked a name.  I blew up letters on a word document and then traced them to flannel with only a spray baste adhesive. Then I appliqued by machine as normal with a tight zigzag. But as the flannel does not maneuver well I put parchment paper on the back which tore out easily afterward. 

Then I found a simple pattern online and just made my own measurements based on 6 inch width panels. I played with the colors and blocks and the piecing

Until all is stitched together. Ta da ....... 36 by 40 inches.
It is fun to make a pink quilt.  I only have grandsons.

Now to quilt and bind it. And the last step will be to top stitch the pink ric rac.