Monday, July 8, 2019

UFO July/ August challenge

I saw a great online UFO quarterly group on The Joyful Quilter in her July 7 post.  I think I missed the deadline last night, but I want to participate on my own anyway.  Summer is my best time to make progress on my projects.

1) Kim Diehl Mystery: from Simple Friendships 2

This is not mine,, but hers  All my 6 different small blocks are made from 6 inch to 2 inches.

2) My mini Christmas quilt. This patchwork frames the 3 inch prints from Holly Taylor.

3) Finish Jude's 2 year old quilt.  ( Yeah a little late, he just turned 5 in May.)
These are the applique blocks I have done.

4)  It is not started, but I have marked the July 4th mystery from Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

I am resizing it from a 14 inch block to 8 inch block.  ( 60 inches finished to about 36 inches)

5) Over the river embroidery  and quilt pattern from Crabapple Hill.
This is one of my finished 3 embroidery panels sepia on beige background.

6) O.K. one more:  my Thimbleblossoms pattern with the Woolies flannel fabric:
I just need this for my couch for the cold weather this year. ( Much later, I hope. to the races ( on the sewing machine, that is!)


  1. You have some great projects on your list. I love the flannel quilt. And I, too, hope it's a long while before you need to use it!