Monday, July 22, 2019


Formerly ( before the change), I did not really have a problem with heat. Although I do recall the summer my daughter was born in '88 where I required my husband to buy a window air conditioner.  Going night and day in the heat with 2 kids was very tiring. ( The heat index was above 100)  I know that most of you have had the same.

But back to now, I just don't react well with the air conditioning. I put on socks and cover with a quilt.  My legs will ache. 

I don't know if it is me absorbing the stress from the radiation treatments for my husband Thursday and Friday, or what. We had our son over for grilling and homemade mac and cheese Saturday. He leaves for Louisiana on August 1 to be with the family. My life as it is. 

Anyway, I have started another new quilt for my grandson:

I have abandoned the quilt I started for him a couple years ago. Instead, I am making this design to coordinate somewhat with the one I made for his brother. I think they may be bunking in the same room. I will make the blocks into wall hangings.  I just couldn't get a vision into putting it together and wasn't thinking the theme was for him anymore. Here are most of the blocks I appliqued and designed using online photos.

And as the fabrics were from a kit I had purchased, I feel good using up stash.  Well, I did buy the light blue and then needed 3 more half yards of new solids. 

So pushing forward.

I also need to finish a baby quilt for August 3 and a small wool applique for tomorrow.  More to come. 


  1. we have A/C on all the time here in Arkansas from May to September and my legs ache from it too at times and I need socks off and on throughout the day or I step out on to the porch for a couple minutes to let the heat soak into my legs LOL - but without it the house gets too hot and humid. I think from what others have said I keep our house a little warmer than others in our area I have ours set at 78 daytime and 75 nighttime. I get too cold if it is lower

  2. These quilts will play nice with each other, as I hope the boys do!

  3. I love the solids in your top quilt. A timeless gift that will be loved by your grandson for years to come.

  4. I love these bold squares and rectangles, very pretty! Your appliquéd are beautiful too

  5. What a fun and bright quilt! I'm sure it will be amazing when you are finished and it will make your grandson very happy! It doesn't matter if its summer or winter...I have a quilt wrapped around me year round!

  6. I'm right there with you with the air conditioning. It's super hot here in VA, but I freeze in the A/C. Your grandson's new quilt is going to be a happy one! I love the bright solid colors you are using.