Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Henrietta: Squirrel!

This is an old UFO  ( not even on my July/August  list).  Squirrel!  Literally.
I don't expect to finish it right away, but keep the handwork going.  As you can see in the weathered paper copy of the layout: the pattern is from Bunny Hill Designs from 2011. At the time is was a BOM free download, and I started it with regular applique.  Those ears and points did me in just too much detail to hand turn them precisely; so I transferred  to using wool instead.   

This is my lay out of 7 blocks done, so far.  The blocks and thread sit next to the end table where I watch TV. I pick it up when I have the concentration to blanket stitch the edges.  And I finally finished the 3 blocks that were prepped.  So I have 2 more blocks to complete, and then the  border which has additional crows and stars. It also needs various words and buttons for eyes and necklaces.

And, I am not just a one project girl.  
So here is the beginning of my 4th of July Stars and Geese. 

And lastly, the other project I  laid out is my Kim Diehl Simple Friendships 2 QAL. 
I don't like some of my colors, so I am going to redo a couple blocks and piece the small patchwork tucked here and there. And then I can put it together.  It is small. the little blocks are 2 inches finished and the largest in only 6 inches.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your 4th of July quilt - such pretty fabrics!

  2. Your wool blocks are adorable! Everything else is lovely, too, but those squirrels and birds win the prize.

  3. I did Henrietta Whiskers! It was fun. I needle-turned appliqued each block and then embroidered all around each piece! https://doitrightquilter.com/2014-quilts/

    Do you have a way to follow your blog?

  4. So glad to see you added the 'follow button' Great you will get more to sign up! Enjoy Henrietta. I used batiks and my fabrics! I sent you a picture The link above in my previous comment will take you to my 2014 show quilts