Saturday, January 29, 2022

Cork Cross Body Bag

 I am so excited for this reveal.   At our Wisconsin Quilt Show many Septembers ago, I  saw this new cork fabric.  And a native creator showed some wonderful creations from it.  And later, I couldn't resist buying the cork "fabric" and hardware and pattern.  

It proved very easy to make.  As I started it a couple years after I purchased it, I was worried about assembling it.  However, on the webite/ youtube, I was able to find a step by step video of how to construct it.  AND that made it so very understandable.  I would watch it, and maybe rewatch it. Then I would assemble that step.  Going on to the next step.  Holy cow.  EASY PEASY! 

It was called the Zippy Bag ( cross body bag).   

Don't mind the photo too much. I had spots on the mirror, not my sweater. I was just so excited to get it done and show it off. 

Back showing one pocket

Front showing 2 pockets and zipper opening.

It is lined with a pretty batik of browns and rusts that I had in my stash. 

This thin cork covered polyester was easy to cut, trim and guide through the sewing machine.  I used a little heavier thread, but mostly because it matched the color better. 

The zippers all came in a kit together, and are polyester. 

 This is the website; I really admire the young owner/creator. She has many free patterns for wallets and stuff.

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