Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sewing away

 I have been out and around a few times, but it is cold, not artic blast cold.  Just cold. 

So I have restricted myself to the necessities.  Some groceries, some tutoring. 

And I have enjoyed being home, doing things. I lost my large, to do list.  And so I went back on my blog to see what I really have gotten done in the last month.  Not bad. 

I guess I am in the throws of many projects which I do enjoy.  But I am not seeing ending trajectories at the moment: 

So here are some of the various 

More of the sampler blocks 6 done and 3 to go.  I am deciding on the setting. I know I need to space them out with either a connector block or something.  I find them fun and easy to do.  The hardest part is making sure I have the right fabrics in the right places. They each come in a little package with just enough fabric for cutting the block. It also makes my piecing skills better.

Then I cut out 2 more gnome blocks to embroider.   Each one has its own personality.  

And these definitely need some details.  Wonderful work to do in front of the tv.

Lastly I got out a quilt I started a year ago.  I made 20 hourglass blocks a week for a Temecula pattern. But never put it together.

So I started putting them in rows.  Two small sections put together.  And then I discovered, I miscounted. And now I need to make 100 more.  

50 hourglass blocks sewed and trimmed while watching the Green Bay Packers LOSE.
Ugh!  They definitely did not play their best. 
So 10 more  hourglass blocks. cut out today. 40 planned and ready to cut. 


  1. I think it is probably hard to play football when it is 13 degrees out. My son in law was going to drive up for the weekend for the game and meet some of his friends there but he tested positive 4 days before leaving so needless to say he stayed home here in Arkansas The family having come from Wisconsin are all Packer fans - I really can care less of the game LOL - out of such a big family I think I am the only one that could care less for football!!

  2. Your gnomes are so cute! I just watched my football team lose, too. It was a fun year. :)

  3. You certainly have some fun projects going on. Super cute gnomes and your hour glass blocks are looking fabulous. Yummy fabrics. Have a great week and happy quilting.

  4. I love all of you projects. I hope you are staying warm. It has been quite cold here also, but probably warmer than you.

  5. It is a great variety of projects and those gnomes looks so cute. We just hibernate when the sidewalks become too icy. Just relaxing at home and staying safe and warm.