Sunday, January 16, 2022

Keep on stitchn

What a beautiful morning!  The sun was shining through the crystallized branches on the trees. I love seeing the winter weather. But I have not been out for several days, partially due to my aversion to cold and partially due to the self quarantine for my mild Omicron case of Covid.  I will come out of hibernation tomorrow.

My hubby worked yesterday for his transportation job for the hospital system giving my hours to play in my sewing area.  I have been slowly making progress on cleaning up the messiness. It doesn't look like headway, but it makes me feel a little better finding things and organizing others. 

Anyway, I made 2 of my pieced blocks for my French applique and piece sampler challenge. 
I played designer as I made 2 tree blocks to fit my 9 inch unfinished blocks. The math in me likes the finagling of spaces and numbers.  And it did not turn out quite as planned, but it IS done.

I will be making all the trees out of solids to go with the Gnomes. 

This one I drew on graph paper for the paper piecing. 

This one I found a pattern online, but had to change the measurements to suit the size of the block. 
And I forgot the different between finished and unfinished sizes.  Hence, the side seams. 
If I have additional fabric at the end I will remake it to avoid the seams on the side. I only have so much left of the background fabric and need to make 6 more blocks. 

And I finished all the embroidery for the first 2 gnomes, working  nightly on it while watching tv with my spouse. The outlining will be done when quilting at the end. ( I am not sure about the noses and will have to decide once I see more of them.)
The patterns are on etsy for a very modest price and are downloaded. There are 10 embroidery gnomes in the set available here: Embroidery gnomes

Lastly I have now pieced 4 of these sampler blocks of the  kitted BOM purchased at our quilt rummage this summer



  1. What a cute gnome! Your embroidery takes him up a notch!

  2. Love, love, love your gnome. I am in to all things gnomes these days!

  3. What a glorious photo of your wintry landscape! Love your trees and your sweet little gnomes. I particularly love the second one with all those fabulous embroidered swirls. Those BOM sampler blocks are beautiful; such a great find.

  4. Your trees and Gnomes are so cute. Sounds like you've been busy. Sorry to hear you have Covid. Please take it easy and make sure you're over it before you venture. Cold days are good days to be inside. I'm counting down until spring. Not a winter fan at all.
    Sandy's Space

  5. I am squealing over your gnome stitching... adorable!
    Hope you feel better this week.
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  6. Your gnomes are adorable! I love the embroidery on both of them and look forward to seeing them with their trees.